Getting Started

Okay, so you like what you’ve read. It all sounds really good. And, you have areas in your business or organization that needs help. But what are the next steps? Where do you go from here?

Getting started is really easy. Like everything else we do, we apply our business approach and methodology to ourselves and our client relationships. So, the next steps are outlined below and right there for you to decide to proceed or not.

Here’s How The Process Will Work

To get started, the next steps are:


Learn about our Fees. We don’t like surprises or keeping you guessing. We want you to have an idea of the investment upfront. Click Here to see our Fee Page.


Apply for an Accelerated Breakthrough Session– Click Here to view our Accelerated Breakthrough Application page. Here you can get an idea of the questions we want to have you answer so we can mutually decide if we’re a good fit to work with each other.


Schedule a Complimentary Accelerated Breakthrough Session – Once you complete the Accelerated Breakthrough Application, we’ll have a good idea if we’re a fit for you or not. If your application is accepted, we’ll then schedule a time to talk to you for 60 minutes or so as an initial assessment. We’ll use your info from the Accelerated Breakthrough Application to assist in prepping for this initial call. During the call, we’ll go into more specifics to learn your business needs and really determine how best to help you.


Conduct Complimentary Accelerated Breakthrough Session – We’re good listeners. We’ll digest our initial meeting with you and determine if and where we can help you. We’ll then prepare a Proposal on an Initial Engagement which will begin with our Organizational Assessment. (See next step below.) And, if it isn’t a fit, we’ll help point you in a direction that can.


Organizational Assessment – This is the 1st Step toward any Client Engagement. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, we’ll actually assess your business and your requirements either virtually or on site. We’ll then offer suggestions for improvement and where we can help. You’ll get your money’s worth from this process alone which will have a direct impact to your company’s bottom-line. We’ll help you clarify your goals and reverse-engineer & design business systems and processes that can lead to dramatic cost reductions, improved service levels and enhanced quality of work. We take into account all of your organization’s symptoms, identify their root causes and create solutions that eliminate them. This includes a post-project review, which ensures that objectives have been achieved and continuous improvements can be made. (Note: For Project-based work, this Assessment step is skipped.)


Mutually Agreed-Upon Scope of Work and Engagement. After the Organizational Assessment, we’ll sit down with you and work together on defining the Scope of Work and our Engagement with you. We’ll give you a “Menu” of options and pricing that lets you pick and choose not only what you would like assistance with, but also prioritize those areas based on your needs and budget. This can be Fixed Monthly basis OR can be on a Project by Project basis.


Get Going. Once Step 6 is complete, it’s time to Get Going and get stuff done! We’ll hit the ground running and become an extension of your leadership team to implement the Scope of Work. And don’t worry, we’re always flexible, open and able to adjust and course correct, by either your desires or if the business demands it. Everything we do is fluid as it should be…while getting the job done.


Get Results. That’s what the bottom-line is, isn’t it? That’s because Results Really Do Matter. Well, we’ll give them to you.

So, let’s Get Started and discuss if an Outsourced COO is right for you.

Apply below for a complimentary assessment and consultation to identify the most strategic thing you can do to have a breakthrough to leverage your time, knowledge and resources in your organization: